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Malath is a specialized psychological clinic, supervised by psychiatrists with long experience in psychotherapy. The clinic approaches a psychotherapy approach in synergy with pharmacotherapy. It seeks to serve clients and patients with the latest evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

Our Services

General psychiatric counseling

• Personality disorders
• Diagnosis of adult diseases
• Schizophrenia
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Phobias
• Bipolarism

Child and adolescent psychiatric counseling

• General psychiatric counseling
• Diagnosis of diseases of children and adolescents
• Autism spectrum disorders
• learning disorders

Social and family counseling

• Family relationship
• Family / marital problems
• Social problems
• Post-separation crises

Psychiatric counseling for adults

Medicinal therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Our Team

Dr. Amna al shamsi

A psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, with more than twenty years of experience, she holds a bachelor's degree from Sultan Qaboos University , master's degree from Kings College in the United Kingdom, and has a passion for family therapy, and believes that the human being is one unit and that treatment must therefore be integrated.

Dr. Hussein alabri

A psychiatrist with more than twenty years of experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy. The type of treatment he uses combines drug therapy with cognitive-behavioral therapy It cares about its clients and seeks a scientific, medical and humanitarian methodology to help them solve their psychological problems. The approach he works with not only cures diseases but also goes beyond improving the lifestyle through positive psychology techniques.

Ghaidaa alghaithi

A psychologist with a BA degree in Psychology graduated from Kuwait University. The type of treatment used is (CBT) For early intervention, the opportunity to recover and to adapt with the community members so that our society is physically, psychologically and mentally healthy.

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